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*Opening Night*

Trigg Ison 

in association with 

Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake 


"Darren LeGallo: Nothing You Don't Know"

February 7, 2013


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Exhibition Dates: February 8 - March 8, 2013


Artist Darren LeGallo



Amy Adams and Darren LeGallo



Justin Timberlake, Darren LeGallo, Amy Adams and Trigg Ison




Trigg Ison and Justin Timberlake



Dermot Mulroney, Darren LeGallo and Trigg Ison



Jessica Biel, Trigg Ison and Justin Timberlake



Trigg Ison, Darren LeGallo, Adam Shankman and Dermot Mulroney



Paul Thomas Anderson and Dave DiMartino



Trigg Ison and Virginia Madsen



Trigg Ison, Darren LeGallo, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland



Darren LeGallo, Amy Adams, Trigg Ison and Justin Timberlake











*Opening Night*

Trigg Ison 

in association with 

Martin and Janet Sheen 


"Patricia Knop: SIDESHOW"

May 18, 2013 


Exhibition Dates: May 20 - June 20, 2013

Patricia Knop: SIDESHOW



 Martin Sheen, Janet Sheen, Patricia Knop, Trigg Ison



Martin Sheen and Valerie Harper



Patricia Knop, and her sculpture "Light Through Lace"



Clarence Williams III and Patricia Knop painting "C.W."



"A Clockwork Orange" Producer Si Litvinoff, Trigg Ison








*Grand Opening Launch Party*

New Location!

trigg ison fine art

9009 Beverly Blvd.

West Hollywood, Ca. 90048


*Opening Night*

*June 23, 2011*


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 director zalman king, artist patricia knop and trigg ison



dave dimartino, musician max weinberg and trigg ison



trigg ison and artist Charles Bragg



actress/artist barbara carerra with her 

barbara carrera portrait of  enrique' cadicamo




trigg ison and guitarist josh gooch



paris hilton and trigg ison








June 1, 2006

Johnny Depp & Trigg Ison


The American Premiere Exhibition

The art of 


trigg ison, artist  gravleur  & actor johnny depp at the opening night reception



actor johnny depp, trigg ison & vanessa paradis




artist gravleur , musician marilyn manson & actor johnny depp



gravleur  Exhibition 2006








trigg ison fine art

 an official participant in the Getty Museums cultural initiative

pacific standard time



American Optimism

Celebrating the LA Art Scene 1935-1980


One of LA's most dedicated retro-modernist galleries, Trigg Ison Fine Art celebrated Pacific Standard Time with "American Optimism,"a tacit declaration that LA's claim to 20th century art predates the postwar. In pushing PST's boundaries back more than a decade, the gallery established unbroken stylistic connections between pre- and post-1945 practice, displaying several works each from the estates of painters Ron Blumberg, Robert McIntosh, Kaorly Fulop, and Jirayr Zorthian and sculptors Maxine Kim Stussy and Burton Freund. These were interlaced with examples, figurative and (especially) abstract, by Oskar Fischinger, Jules Engel, Stanton MacDonald Wright, Jan Stussy and Emil Kosa, among others. Notably included were a couple of paintings by social commentator William Gropper, normally associated with New York but working frequently on the Left Coast.

(Trigg Ison Fine Art, 9009 Beverly Blvd., W. Hollywood; thru Feb. 29.

- Peter Frank


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*Opening Night January 12, 2012*


trigg ison, dani ison, and actor martin sheen



artist patricia knop with her sculpture, "three graces", 1969



dave dimartino, artist patricia knop and trigg ison



trigg and dani ison with dr. patricia trenton and husband n.b.



evelyne blumberg and trigg ison with artist 

ron blumberg's "historical l.a. series", c.1955





October 18, 2007

Trigg Ison & Dave DiMartino 


"Andre' Masson: Sur Reality"




Dave DiMartino & Trigg Ison at the opening night reception



Issac Singleton Jr. and Trigg Ison



Trigg Ison & Dr. Patricia Trenton



Andre' Masson Exhibition 2007





March 8, 2008

Trigg Ison 


Robert McIntosh's 92nd Birthday Exhibition


Trigg Ison Fine Art


American Artist Robert McIntosh



Musician Roger Kellaway, Artist/Brother Robert McIntosh & Harrison McIntosh



Musician Roger Kellaway, Artist Robert McIntosh & Trigg Ison




June 28, 2008

Trigg Ison 


The Art of American Sculptor

Maxine Kim Stussy-Frankel




Artist Maxine Kim Stussy-Frankel & Trigg Ison at the opening reception












Trigg Ison Fine Art

in Association with 

Anna and Peter Bogdanovich


"Borislav Bogdanovich: Impression's"

A retrospective Exhibition of more than fifty original paintings and drawings

c.1917 - c.1965

 Anna Bogdanovich, Director Peter Bogdanovich & Trigg Ison


Anna Bogdanovich, Actor Dan Akroyd & Director Peter Bogdanovich


Actor Dermot Mulroney and Trigg Ison


Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis, Director Peter Bogdanovich & Trigg Ison


Director Peter Bogdanovich, Actress Cybil Sheppard & Trigg Ison




The West Coast Premiere Exhibition of 

American artist 

Chuck Connelly


Trigg Ison, Artist Chuck Connelly, Dave DiMartino



Artist Chuck Connely, Actor Kevin Dillon, Gallery Owner Trigg Ison



Actress Bree Turner and Gallery Owner Trigg Ison



Gallery Owner Trigg Ison and Actor John Hensley




Gallery Owner Trigg Ison & Emmy Award Director Jeff Stimmel




trigg ison fine art inc.

Fine American and European

Paintings and Sculpture 

9009 Beverly Blvd.
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